Zeroes Chapter 4 - Who Wants to Live Forever

Zeroes Chapter 3 – This is Home


Who wants to live forever,
Who dares to love forever,
When love must die.



Rowena woke in the morning and as she moved she could feel other bodies and let out a groan. Opening her eyes she could see that Veronica and Cassandra were still with her. As they all stirred Rowena looked around and could see Faith coming closer with three cups of coffee. Rowena took a cup and said, “Thank God, I need this.”

Cassandra sat up, “Me too, thanks Faith.”

Veronica only managed a garbled grumble and Faith said, “You’re welcome. Nikki is making up bacon, eggs, and pancakes.”

Veronica said, “Why are you awake and cheerful?”

Rowena asked, “Why are you still naked and where’s Ben?”

Cassandra said, “Why are people talking, and why doesn’t this coffee have whiskey in it?”

Nikki walked out setting a plate of bacon on the table and said, “We don’t need much sleep, don’t care much for clothes, Ben is at the castle, we have to talk to answer all these questions, and you can make the coffee into whiskey if you want.”

Cassandra looked down at the coffee and up to Nikki and said, “Really?”

Faith smiled and said, “Yeah, just concentrate on what you want it to be and it should change.”

Looking at the cup a ripple of blue energy coursed from Cassandra’s hands into the cup and she took a sip and then did it again tasting it a second time before saying, “Wow, how did this happen.”

Nikki smirked as she walked back to the stove and said, “What did you think he was doing when he put all that energy into you?”

Cassandra shrugged, “Some kinky sex position.”

Rowena asked, “Could we get dressed first and then discuss this.”

Faith said, “If you turned invisible we couldn’t see if you were naked anymore.”

Shaking her head Rowena said, “That’s not the point, I’m just not comfortable with all this nakedness.”

Cassandra smiled as she got up onto the couch and said, “I’m not sure I’m comfortable with anything over the last couple days.”

Veronica walked over to get a piece of bacon and said to Nikki, “You get splashed with that hot grease you might change your mind about clothes.”

Putting her finger in the pan Nikki said, “Not likely.”

Shaking her head Veronica said, “I hurt just looking at that.”

Nikki smiled again saying, “You’ll want to look over the abilities the seed granted, this wouldn’t hurt you either.”

Veronica finished eating a slice of bacon and said, “I heard I can make wine, that’s good enough for me.”


Chapter 5 – A Kind of Magic


Zeroes Chapter 4 - Who Wants to Live Forever

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