Zeroes Chapter 3 - This is Home

Zeroes Chapter 2 – Coming Home


I’ve got my memories
They’re always inside of me
But I can’t go back
Back to how it was



Faith pulled up in front of The Oasis and Marakau was out brushing down the stairs as Cassandra and Rowena stepped out. Cassandra opened the trunk to get Veronica’s clothes as the little yellow canary flew up to her shoulder and the little silver dragon flew out to perch on Ben’s shoulder as he got out. Marakau smiled showing off the collection of sharp fangs as he said, “You might look more at home in Carnival. I see you got tweety again.”

Veronica made an angry sounding chirp as Cassandra walked past Marakau and said, “The party’s just getting started.”

Rowena followed Cassandra up the stairs and as Ben came up to Marakau the brawler stopped Ben and said, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

Shrugging Ben said, “I like company. Granted a larger car would be more convenient.”

Shaking his head Marakau said, “Cut the crap, I know who that is. Are you trying to get us all killed?”

Taking a breath and lowering his voice Ben said, “No, but I’m trying not to frighten them too much. I think a friend of mine can help, but I need to get a hold of him before Salvatore’s guys catch up to me.”

Marakau looked to the top of the stairs where Rowena had stopped to wait for Ben and said, “Get her out of here soon, the Triad will recognize her too.”

Ben nodded and headed up the stairs where Rowena asked, “Problem?”

Shaking his head Ben said, “Not yet, but we will have to go get something taken care of before long.”


Fizzer walked into the station and spotted Dover talking with bloodhound, an etiwan that in Fizzer’s opinion didn’t look all that different in his human form than his dog form. Dover stopped her, “Hey, did you hear?”

Fizzer pointed at her shirt, or breasts, Dover couldn’t be certain but the shirt said; Sorry I couldn’t hear you, we were having sex in my head. Dover nodded, “Nice, and so appropriate for work. Seriously though the word is that Wiser guy you talked to last night kidnapped Salvatore’s daughter this morning.”

With a shrug Fizzer said, “More likely she ran off with him, but he did have some marine training so it’s possible.”

Dover nodded, “So?”

Shaking her head, “So what? Unless it lands on my docket it isn’t my problem.”

Pulling out a tablet and handing it to Fizzer with a grin Dover said, “Tag, you’re it.”

Looking down at the file Fizzer groaned, “Fucking perfect.”


Cassandra and Veronica came out of the bathroom in their work suits and Ben walked over kissing each of them and said, “We have to go see if we can get Salvatore off our trail. Hopefully we’ll make it back before closing.”

Cassandra looked over at Rowena who didn’t look happy and said, “Hopefully you make it at all.”

As Ben walked over to Rowena she asked, “What was that?”

Glancing over his shoulder Ben said, “I told them we had to go.”

Rowena crossed her arms, “Really? You can’t say that without face fucking them?”

Grinning Ben said, “That was a peck, but if you would prefer.”

The sentence was cut short by Rowena’s hand slapping Ben in the face and she said, “Don’t.”

Chuckling Ben said, “Well we really do need to go. I’m hoping Zoloft has something to keep us from being tracked.”

Nodding Rowena said, “Okay, I’m sorry but you know you had that coming.”


Rasputin received a call from the ferry station and answered it, “Yes?”

The guard replied, “We have a Ben Wiser requesting to come across.”

Dipping his tongue in a glass of water Rasputin thought for a moment and then said, “Send him across. I believe we still have a few of his personal effects.”

As they rode across on the ferry Ben told Rowena, “I worked here for a while. Zoloft should be able to fix us up. Rasputin doesn’t care for me, but once he realizes he’ll make a few thousand off of us his business sense should take over.”

Rasputin came down to the ferry slithering out of the elevator just as Ben and Rowena were stepping off the boat. Rasputin was an ieyasani and looked like a green king cobra with black and white markings that had a humanoid upper torso fused between the head and the body of the snake. Rasputin said, “You left unexpectedly, you are quite lucky we decided to hold onto your things for you.”

Pulling a stack of bills from his jacket Ben said, “I didn’t come here for my old things. I’d like to commission something special from Zoloft.”

Rasputin looked at the money and his bright red eyes blinked twice before he asked, “What kind of commission?”

Pulling out a second stack Ben said, “Custom alchemy, I estimated it would be around twenty thousand.”

Rasputin tested the air with his tongue and said, “Let me hold onto that and have Zoloft send up the work order as soon as it’s written up. I need to get back in, it’s freezing out here.”

Handing the money to Rasputin and heading for the elevator Ben said, “Zoloft is good, he’ll be able to fix us up with something pretty quick assuming he doesn’t have it already.”

The elevator went down well under the lake and opened into a chamber with a light shaft running up and all sorts of doors and apparatus around a central pit that contained a pool of brightly glowing blue fluid that was being monitored. Zoloft was off in a nook on the far side of the room and was a rolatian with grey green skin and an over sized cyberarm that had little miniature manipulator arms coming off of it. Ben started across the room saying, “Zo, been a while.”

A commanding woman’s voice called out, “Freeze!”

Ben stopped and turned, “Maria, been a while since I’ve seen you too.”

Maria was human, but had an air of confidence and anger that made her seem more menacing than Rasputin. She walked to Ben saying, “You have some fucking nerve walking in here like nothing ever happened.”

Ben held out his arms as he started to say something, but it was too late when Maria’s fist connected with his jaw sending him stumbling backwards. Rowena yelled, “Ben!”

Nikki flew up blasting an icy bolt at Maria, but Maria threw a ball of magic energy that trapped Nikki inside it and there was a splash followed by Zoloft yelling, “No!”

It was too late though as by the time Maria turned back Ben had sunk into the glowing fluid. Maria and Rowena both ran to the edge of the pool as Zoloft yelled, “Don’t, it’s too unstable.”

Rowena yelled, “What do you mean unstable?”

Zoloft hurried to the monitor and said, “It’s, well it’s working.”

Maria looked down at the pool as it glowed brighter and said, “I’m not paying for this. It was completely his fault.”

Rowena shot Maria a dirty look and then turned back to Zoloft asking, “Is he going to be okay?”

Zoloft smirked, “Okay is an understatement. If he lives through the bonding process he’ll be a god.”

Maria shook her head and said, “What are you going to tell Claret?”

Zoloft shook his head, “You only destroyed a two and a half million dollar product, I’m sure he’ll be okay with that.”

Putting her fingers to her temples Maria said, “Well try having someone stand you up and disappear for ten years and see how you react.”

Rowena watched as the light flared and faded in the pool and said, “Twelve years for me.”

Maria looked over at Rowena and said, “Really?”

Nodding Rowena said, “I always knew he would come back though. I don’t know why.”

Looking at the pool again Maria said, “I swore I’d kill him if he ever came back. Looks like I may have done just the opposite.”

Shaking her head Rowena asked, “What is it?”

Zoloft checked the monitor again and then said, “It’s whatever you want. Like having a genie that responds to your thoughts. This particular one is very powerful, it’s called Genesis Seed and was made for some wealthy corporate who wanted to be a god with the ability to create his own disciples on some low value colony world.”

Crinkling her nose Rowena said, “He isn’t really going to be a god though.”

Zoloft nodded, “Right, right, it’s just a term we use to gauge the amount of magical ability in something. Here in Maltese it makes you a powerful, but not insurmountable, type of super wizard not unlike Joker without the crazies of course.”

Smirking Rowena said, “Of course.”

Looking back at the monitor Zoloft smiled and said, “They’ve successfully bonded. Anyhow on a less developed planet it would be easy to pass yourself off as a god or at least a messenger of a god and gain great influence over them.”

Shaking her head again Rowena asked, “What does it mean they bonded?”

Pointing at the pool which was beginning to dim and turn more of a cobalt blue Zoloft said, “The Genesis Seed has bonded to Benjamin, so he’ll live. I wasn’t sure if it was far enough along in the process to make a good bond or not. This of course means he owes Magitech the two point five million and we have to delay delivery until we can make another one.”

Looking down at the pool as the energy swirled around and started pulling into a more humanoid shape Rowena proposed, “Why don’t we just have him make the money with his new powers?”

Smirking Zoloft said, “He could make something that looked like money, but it won’t fool any serious institutions and trying to pass it off, or anything else he can make for that matter, is a serious crime.”

Ben reached up grabbing the lip of the now empty pool with ripples of blue energy still racing across his skin as he pulled himself over the edge and said, “You hit a lot harder than I remembered.”

Maria shook her head, “You are a bastard.”

Holding his hands out and looking at his fingers Ben said, “Probably, never really asked about what happened to my father.”

Rowena asked, “Are you okay?”

Nodding Ben said, “Yeah, I’m something a lot more than okay I think.”

Cautiously reaching out to touch Ben with the tip of her finger Rowena said, “Good, you might have to work three jobs for the next hundred years or so to pay this off.”

Maria smirked, “Don’t forget the compounding interest. Hey, you’re still a piece of shit for what you did to me, but I didn’t mean to stick you in a jam.”

Shaking his head Ben said, “No, no, this may be just what we needed. Zoloft, do you have the spec sheet on this?”

Walking over to the monitor Zoloft tabbed over to a list, “This is the first page, there’s three hundred total.”

Walking over next to Zoloft and skimming the screen before tabbing to the next page Ben said, “She wasn’t kidding about the money, was she?”

Shaking his head Zoloft said, “I’m afraid not, you just took a two and a half million credit bath and there’s no way to undo it.”

Ben stopped scrolling and turned Zoloft asking, “Can I get a copy of this?”

Zoloft nodded, “Yeah, what are you going to do? Magitech isn’t going to let this just walk away.”

Motioning to Rowena Ben said, “I’ll take her advice. Call the twenty thousand a down payment. Just send a work order to Rasputin, that’s what he said to do. I’ll figure out a payment schedule and we’ll be good in a century or two.”

Rowena had been concentrating for a little while and said, “At thirty years it would be seventeen thousand a month.”

Taking a breath Ben said, “Okay, if we call the twenty thousand my first payment I have thirty days to come up with another seventeen thousand credits.”

Chuckling Zoloft said, “Alright, I’ll send the paperwork up but don’t be surprised if you get a visit from finance in the near future.”

Ben shook Zoloft’s hand and turned to Maria saying, “I never meant to stand you up. If you want to come by we’ll be living at thrity three thirty eight Oak road in Navilla. Drop in any time. Now, would you let Nikki go?”

Maria sighed and released Nikki from the hold spell and Nikki flew down onto Ben’s shoulder as Ben and Rowena headed to the elevator.


Driving away from the ferry dock Rowena asked, “Why did you invite her over?”

Glancing over at Rowena and then back to the road Ben said, “We used to be close. I didn’t want her to feel I left her on purpose.”

Crossing her arms Rowena asked, “And how many of your ex girlfriends can I expect to have traipsing around the house every day?”

Slowing down and turning into a gardening store Ben said, “I suppose it depends on how bi our house is. The current cabin is a little two bedroom, so maybe five people could reasonably sleep there when it’s fixed up. I’m thinking there’s a lot of potential on the site for expansion if I can convince the owner to let me build up.”

Rowena moved a hand to her hip and said, “You aren’t even listening to me are you?”

Parking Faith at the edge of the lot Ben said, “Yes, I would say three in the current configuration and more if I expand. Also they weren’t really girlfriends in the context you use. We dated, had fun, enjoyed each other’s company but there was never any suggestion of some exclusive relationship.”

Scoffing and shaking her head Rowena said, “You’re a real bastard, you know that.”

Nodding Ben said, “Yeah, I answered that earlier. I may not be what you imagined, but I am honest about who and what I am. If you want me, this is it. If you want someone who isn’t like this then you want someone else who just looks like me. I actually think I could arrange that now, it’ll just take some more research.”

Narrowing her eyes as she turned back to Ben flaring her nostrils Rowena said, “Fuck you. I waited for you, not some look alike to keep me shut up, for you. You understand, so don’t give me this take what I give you shit.”

With a wink Ben said, “I need some seed to get things going at the cabin. We seem to be at an impasse in this conversation and I don’t think shouting will help, so you want to come along or stay here?”

Shaking her head as she opened the door Rowena said, “Fuck you and your impasse.”

Getting out the other side Ben smirked, “Your vocabulary has gotten more colorful since I left.”


After gathering a number of seeds and bulbs Ben and Rowena returned to Faith with Rowena asking, “Can you make the drive herself?”

Nodding Ben said, “Yeah, that wouldn’t be that difficult. Why? You don’t like my driving?”

Smirking Rowena said, “I was just thinking if she drove herself we could spend our time doing something more fun than fighting.”

Putting the bags in the trunk Ben looked concerned and Rowena put her hands on her hips stamping the ground, “Oh for fucks sake. Are you going to tell me that you would fuck some random stranger in your fucking front seat any time the whim came upon you but now because you remember who I am you’re having some sort of moral qualms?”

Closing the trunk Ben said, “Well it hard not to remember the little girl singing along in the back seat now.”

Cupping her breasts Rowena said, “What about the naked woman bouncing up and down on your cock while we were in the back of the moving van, you remember that one?”

Smiling Ben said, “Yeah, certainly not forgetting that.”

Crossing her arms and rocking back Rowena said, “Well?”

Letting out a sigh Ben said, “I guess I’m going to hell anyhow, hopefully your mother isn’t willing to give up her spot in heaven to hunt me down.”

Rowena smiled as Ben placed his hands on the back of the car and blue light began to ripple around him and over Faith’s surface. The show went on for around a minute before Ben stopped and said, “That should be good for now.”

With a smirk Rowena said, “Should it? Is it more than driving?”

Ben nodded, “I needed to give her some semblance of self awareness and the ability to react to danger as well for her to do us any good.”

Rowena winked as she opened the door and said, “You wanna?”


Faith took the scenic route around Navilla before bringing Ben and Rowena to the cabin. There wasn’t anyone waiting this time although Ben knew they were still looking. After getting out he began channeling energy into Faith again and Rowena asked, “What are you doing now?”

Ben looked up the energy rippling across his face as he answered, “She needs to be stealthy if we’re going to avoid attention. Might as well throw in the other tier one abilities now, we’ll want them eventually.”

Rowena looked around at the overgrown yard and broken down cabin covered with moss and asked, “Will that make her a disciple?”

Continuing to infuse energy into Faith and looking at Rowena with amusement Ben said, “I suppose it will. I don’t know that any other wannabe gods have had car followers.”

Turning to watch the flow of energy which continued Rowena asked, “Do you have any mind control over your disciples?”

Shaking his head Ben answered, “Not from what I could see. My guess is the idea of losing the powers would keep the disciples in line.”

Nodding slowly Rowena asked, “Am I going to get disciple powers?”

Looking over at Rowena and nodding slowly Ben said, “Yeah, I think that’s a good idea. You’ll have all the tier one powers and should be able to grant others the tier two powers or you can put them in objects but regardless there is no passing on of abilities past that point. I don’t think the original client planned to stick with one planet though.”

Walking closer Rowena asked, “What makes you say that?”

Ben arched his back as the energy became stronger, “It’s the space travel, the armor and weapons abilities aren’t that impressive on a small scale but if he was making an army of attack drones with hyperspace he could overwhelm an unsuspecting defense pretty quickly.”

Nodding again Rowena asked, “So what are you going to do?”

Ben smiled, “Nothing yet. I don’t want to take anything over and the other client hasn’t actually done anything wrong yet.”

Taking a deep breath Rowena asked, “How much longer?”

Looking down Ben said, “The entire process should be nine minutes, so I’m nearly done.”

Watching as the energy subsided Rowena asked, “Does it hurt?”

Shaking his head Ben replied, “No, there’s a buzz like walking through a magnetic field and a tension like holding a weight for a long time.”

Throwing her hair back over her shoulders Rowena asked, “So, how do we do this?”

Walking over Ben leaned over kissing Rowena and as their lips locked the blue energy surrounded both of them.


By the time they left the cabin there were twenty industrial looking robots that had been rocks a little earlier. The robots were clearing debris, digging, and doing a host of other chores as Ben and Rowena drove away in Faith.

It was late in the evening by the time they made it back to The Oasis. Ben walked around to let Rowena out and Nikki flew around to his shoulder. Rowena smiled and motioned to Nikki saying, “Why don’t you make her a disciple. She’s awful protective of you. Might make a good bodyguard.”

Ben nodded, “Not a bad idea, hopefully she doesn’t become a tyrant.”

Rowena reached out rubbing the scales behind Nikki’s eyes, “I don’t think so, she’s very affectionate.”

At the door Marakau asked, “I thought you were getting disguises, what happened?”

Smiling Rowena said, “Ascension happened, we no longer concern ourselves with mortal threats.”

Rowena chuckled as she continued into the bar and Ben asked, “Any trouble while we were gone?”

Marakau shook his head, “Nothing new. What’s up with the misses?”

Ben looked down the stairs as Rowena made her way to the bar and answered, “I took on a couple million in debt to Magitech, and what they’ll do to me if I don’t pay makes anything the syndicates can do seem pretty mild.”

Leaning back Marakau said, “Two million dollar protective device? That seems like overkill.”

Smirking Ben agreed, “A lot of overkill but I suspect it’ll do the job as long as don’t draw too much attention.”

Shaking his head Marakau said, “If you staying alive depends on you not drawing more attention then I have some bad news for you.”

Chuckling Ben walked down the stairs, “I do believe you’re right about that.”

Cassandra was pouring Rowena a glass of wine and as Ben approached she said, “So the cabin is real.”

As Ben sat in the bar stool next to Rowena he said, “It is, even being renovated now.”

Setting the wine bottle aside Cassandra asked, “What about those visitors, the usual?”

Ben nodded and answered, “We’re putting in a security system.”

Rowena took a drink and said, “It’s coming together nicely as long as we can find a job that pays twenty thousand or so a month.”

Walking back over with the bottle of Ararat in hand Cassandra said, “Not easy to come by. We thought about having you sing for money but it would be a bit less than that.”

Rowena nodded, “Probably not. If my Dad wasn’t trying to have you killed and I hadn’t run off we could ask him, but that’s probably not a good option now either. Maybe we could rent rooms, are you and Veronica still going to live with us?”

Cassandra set the glass in front of Ben and said, “I didn’t think you were a fan of that plan.”

Shrugging Rowena said, “He’ll go find you guys when he’s looking for a piece of ass anyhow, at least this way I’ll be able to find him.”

Smirking Cassandra went to put the bottle away and said, “Sounds like things have changed between you two.”

Rowena motioned Cassandra closer and when she approached Rowena said, “We’re gods now.”

Nodding Cassandra said, “I guess that would change things, unfortunately being mortal means I need to go down to the other side of the bar now.”

After Cassandra walked away Rowena turned to Ben and with a nod to Nikki asked, “So, you going to do it?”

leading Nikki down from his shoulder and onto the bar Ben said, “I think there may be some repercussion for abusing the power.”

Rowena shook her head, “If something goes wrong you can take the powers away, right?”

Placing his hand gently against Nikki’s breast Ben said, “Right.”

The rippling blue light attracted a few looks but only Veronica came over to investigate asking, “What’s he doing to her?”

Rowena smiled, “Giving her powers, I’m not sure what happens when he does it to an animal yet.”

Veronica shook her head, “It looks frightening. I’ve got a group on seven, so I’ll be back.”

After the energy stopped Ben said, “That’s it. I think she’ll be able to speak too.”

Rowena nodded and then the blue energy rippled over Nikki again and she grew into a human woman with a shapely figure, silver eyes, red hair, nothing on and whose legs were on resting on either side of Ben. There were a few gasps and as Ben looked up at her on the bar and commented, “That’s impressive.”

Rowena shouted, “Ben!”

Ben glanced quickly at Rowena and then stepped back helping Nikki off the bar as he threw his coat around her, “Sorry dear, one of those places we’re supposed to wear clothes.”

Narrowing her eyes Nikki said, “You don’t keep yours on here.”

Rowena cocked her head, “Really?”

Ben placed his hand on the sleeve of the coat and as the blue energy rippled through it it turned into a black dress and he said, “Not all the time, no. Still there are some odd social restrictions as to when we’re supposed to have them on.”

With a nod Nikki said, “Okay, but I don’t want to wear them all the time.”

Shaking her head Rowena said, “Seems you’ve created a nudist.”

Nikki stretched back and forth then said, “Well this does feel better than the other, but it’s still a little restrictive.”

Rowena shrugged and said, “Nobody expects you to wear clothes as a dragon.”

Sitting on a bar stool Nikki said, “They talk about you like an object too.”

Ben sat down between Nikki and Rowena asking, “Do you have a pretty strong memory of before the change?”

Nikki nodded, “Yep, pretty good memory. Well honestly before a couple days ago things kind of run together, but really clear ever since we got into Faith.”

Joplin walked over looking at Nikki and then at Ben and asked, “Did you just make a person in my bar?”

Smiling Ben said, “No, I just gave her the ability to shapechange, it was her choice to become a human. I would have expected her to just become a bigger dragon.”

Shaking her head Nikki said, “Yeah, you know how they get all the love around here.”

Joplin said, “Well you certainly put on a show whenever your here.”

Nikki smiled and said, “Or in an apartment, or again in an apartment, or in a car, still in a car, and still in a car.”

Rowena smiled, “Okay I get it, you have a good memory.”

Joplin laughed, “Okay, just checking in. You staying for closing again? The girls had an idea about using you in a show.”

Grinning Ben said, “I’ve done shows before. I might need to find something a little richer to keep my creditors happy now.”

Nodding Rowena said, “We estimated the payments at around seventeen thousand a month without even looking at rent and living expenses.”

Letting out a soft whistle Joplin said, “That’s a bit rich for my blood.”

Nikki looked at Ben and said, “We could get that pretty easy.”

Smirking again Ben said, “I know, but lets try to do it legal before we go that way.”

Joplin turned away saying, “I better go before I hear something I’ll have to testify about later.”


Closing time came around and Cassandra walked over with Veronica in tow and asked, “So we really going home with you again? Looks like it might be getting extra crowded now.”

Ben stood up and replied, “We can make room, the rest is up to you.”

Looking at Nikki and back to Ben again Cassandra said, “Well, I’m curious to say the least.”

As they headed out Marakau said, “So, no shootings tonight?”

Shaking his head Ben answered, “No, I think that was a one time thing.”

As they walked down the outer stairs towards Faith who was still a Meteor two seater Cassandra said, “Okay, so what’s the plan?”

Ben asked, “Faith, would you turn into something with a little more seating?”

Blue energy rippled over Faith’s surface and she stretched and bulged into a nineteen thirty six Auburn Boattail Speedster with an open top. The body was the same blue as Faith had been before with whitewall tires and a white leather interior. Cassandra nodded, “Okay then, I’ll drive.”

Nikki stepped forward, “No, I’ll drive.”

A soft feminine voice that sounded youthful came from Faith saying, “I’ll drive, but one of you can sit in the driver seat and play with the steering wheel if you want.”

They settled to Cassandra and Veronica in the backseat, Nikki in the driver seat and Ben in the passenger seat with Rowena in his lap. Faith’s engine rumbled as she started up and she asked, “Are we taking the long way again?”

Ben smirked, “Maybe not with everyone here.”

Faith pulled out onto the street asking, “Aren’t you all engaging, it seems more fun to do it while moving.”

Veronica laughed and then said, “I think part of your devious nature must pass on to your creations.”

Ben agreed, “You might be right, having the device powered by thought probably alters how the process works and at least partially reflects the desires of the user.”

Rowena twisted to look down at Ben and said, “So that means you wanted a car that likes people having sex in it and a dragon that turns into a naked lady.”

Nodding Ben said, “I’m certainly not opposed to the idea.”

Faith chimed in with, “It seems you’ve had sex in me as much as him.”

Cassandra pointed at Veronica and said, “Well there was the time with her.”

Veronica slapped Cassandra’s hand and said, “That wasn’t sex, just a little friendly rubbing.”

Shrugging Cassandra said, “Rubbing to an orgasm is more than just friendly.”

Faith slowed down going over the bridge and went through the checkpoint then turned off onto Oak road which wasn’t lit. They passed along the trees deeper into the forest and then turned out to the property where the cabin was. In the beams of the headlights they could see the lavish gardens around the cabin and the cabin itself which was now fixed up and looking pristine.

Across the stream in the moonlight they could see the worker robots moving around in another clearing. As they got out of Faith and started to the cabin Ben said, “This is home.”

Blue ripples of energy raced across Faith again and she transformed into a human. The others stopped and looked as like Nikki she had transformed without any clothes, but was somewhat less buxom and had blue hair with a wide white stripe through the middle that was the same below as above. Veronica smirked and said, “Well the carpet matches the drapes.”

Faith looked back at the others and asked, “What? You’re all human now.”

Ben opened the door and said, “Come on, I’ll get you a robe or something.”

The group headed into the cozy little cabin and began to settle in.


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