Skill Tests

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To make a skill roll the character rolls a number of six sided dice (D6) equal to the Die code and then adds any pips they have for a bonus (3D+2 would be 3 six sided dice rolled and added with an additional 2 points on top of that total). One of the dice should be a different color or otherwise distinctive and is the wild die (wild dice that come up 1 are complications while wild dice that come up 6 are rolled again and the original six plus the new number are added; this continues if it comes up six again). In addition to the base skill the character can add bonuses, up to the base skill, and character points which become extra wild dice to improve the chances of making a skill roll. Note that many beginning characters will be skilled enough to accomplish heroic results regularly (this is meant to be a heroic/cinematic setting and this should be expected).

Difficulty of rolls is based on increments of 5 with 5 generally being the most simple while 30 and above is out of reach for average people. Most amateurs have 2D-3D while a typical worker has 3D-5D and an additional 1D to 3D in bonuses depending on how successful they are. Specialists are usually 5D-7D with 3D-7D in bonuses.

Difficulty Class Target Number
Very Easy 5
Easy 10
Moderate 15
Difficult 20-25
Very Difficult 30-40
Heroic 45+

Modifiers can raise difficulties even higher.


Bonuses are added to skills before the roll, but there is a limit to bonuses. No matter the number of bonuses only an amount equal to the actual skill can be used. A character with 5D in skill and 8D in bonuses would roll 10D (5D from the base skill and only 5D of the bonuses available). Character points don’t count towards this limit, so the same character spending two character points would roll 12 dice (5 from skill, 5 from bonus, and 2 from character points), three of which would be considered wild dice.

Skill Tests

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