Skill Improvement

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Skill Improvements
As Characters develop they will improve in certain areas. This is beast demonstrated by increasing skills. Each skill can eventually be improved by spending character points earned while playing the character. Improvement in skills represents lessons from experience, changes in habits, deliberate training, and study of new techniques. There isn’t a system in place in this game to represent skills lost to disuse or getting rusty.

The point cost to raise a skill is equal to the number of dice in the skill currently. Once the points are paid the skill increases to the new die code. A Game Master may require some sort of training to increase a skill, but it isn’t necessary in the system. In general only 1 or possibly 2 character points are gained per session so advancement slows rapidly as a character advances.

Starting D-Code Points to Improve New D-Code
1D 1 2D
2D 2 3D
3D 3 4D
4D 4 5D
5D 5 6D
6D 6 7D
7D 7 8D
8D 8 9D
9D 9 10D
10D 10 11D
11D 11 12D
12D 12 13D
13D 13 14D
14D 14 15D
15D 15 16D
16D 16 17D
17D 17 18D
18D 18 19D
19D 19 20D
20D 20 21D
21D 21 22D
22D 22 23D
23D 23 24D
24D 24 25D

Progression continues at the same rate. An untrained skill is used at the attribute code and skills are built from that number. An average human with no training has 2D in an attribute, so to start training a skill would cost 2 points and give them a 3D.

Skill Improvement

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