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Magic is divided into two main categories which are Alchemy, also called enchanting, and spellcasting. Alchemy is the slow process of empowering or transforming something and the end result is much like any sort of equipment purchase. A magic sword is made with alchemy, but statistically it is no different than a high tech vibroblade with the same abilities. Alchemy is also used for genetics engineering or alchemical hybridization. In game terms it uses science, medicine, and engineering but requires at least 1D of Essence.

Spellcasting is the personal manifestation of magical power. Each spell is learned individually and can’t be changed after it is learned. Rarely do multiple mages have the same spell selection. There is no limit to how many times a spell may be used, it is essentially like any other skill once it is learned. Spells have a set difficulty to cast and once cast an effect occurs. Combat spells are usually targeted at a character or area and require an attack roll in addition to the roll to cast the spell, although some may be self targeting.

Spell effects are designed like weapons, gear, or even vehicles. If the effect has a lasting duration past concentrating then multiply the final cost by the duration in hours and add that to the base. Divide cost by 100 for difficulty.

Magic Items and Alchemical Services are the same price as conventional gear that does the same job. Spell services are normally the difficulty of the spell in credits. A spell book, wand, or other accessible spell formula used to cast/learn a spell is the original design cost (spell difficulty times 100 credits if design cost not known), more if it actually gives a bonus to the roll (calculate bonus cost normally).

Transformation spells should be rated with damage but noted as “Magic Effect Damage” and then also attached with a secondary trait to represent the magic effect when complete. Magic Effect Damage goes against Hits or SDP, but doesn’t cause real or stun damage instead if a result of incapacitated or higher is achieved the magic effect occurs. The victim of the spell will recover if the result was less than killed/destroyed. At incapacitated or broken the magic damage recovers at 1 per round like stun. At mortal the damage recovers at 1 per hour until incapacitated is reached and then increases to 1 per round. Once wounded is reached the effect wears off. If Dead/Destroyed was achieved the effect is permanent unless it can be dispelled by another mage. Items created by magic transformation should have it noted in their description/listing as they can be destroyed by dispel magic or antimagic fields of a power level equal to the creating spell.

Dispelling and antimagic effects cost six times as much as other effects if they are general, otherwise they must be specific to the effect to be countered.

Generally spells can be opposed, any sort of influence spell is resisted with willpower. Illusions are resisted with awareness. Most damaging effects can be dodged. Transformation spells are considered attack spells and can be dodged as well as having to overcome AR to reach the target. Some interpretation by the GM may be necessary to get the effects a player wants. Some spells may just be out of reach, but might be created as a magical item.

Teleportation spells are considered Hyperdrive movement (generally 1PC/day) with a range limit. This means to teleport with the caster only has a base cost of 1,000 plus range or a difficulty of 10 + 1 per 100 meters of range.

Common Spells

Notes for Spell Design:

Illusion: Stand alone Disguise Skill (Notice with Awareness)

Mind Reading: Stand Alone Interrogation Skill (Resist with Willpower, know it happened)

Subtle Mind Reading: Stand Alone Interrogation and Stealth (Willpower to resist and Awareness to notice).

Mind Control: Stand Alone Persuasion or Intimidation (Resist with Willpower)

Polymorph: Magic Damage plus 360 for single form transformation or 2,250 for total transformation and in addition the designer may work in Stand Alone Disguise or Animal Skills and abilities (Resist with Dodge; if mental change also add Intimidation and resist that with Willpower).

Physical Damage: Damage plus any damage effects (Resist with Dodge and armor). As spells are always character scale they cannot do more than 14D in damage.


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