Genie Lamp

The Genie Lamp is a magical device that contains a powerful magic servant. The genie is 3 meters tall and generally looks similar to a human. A Genie Lamp is worth 2,500, 000 Credits.

The Genie bonds to a specific user and the difficulty to overcome the bond is 100. A Genie can use any standard skill at 14D and has 150 AR and 300 SDP structurally and can fly at 1,300 kmph.

The Genie’s greatest power is to create items for the bonded master. The items are magical constructs and as such can be dispelled, but can be of great utility when an item is needed quickly.

Creation Ability is considered a 14D magic effect transformation (Destroyed by 14D antimagic or 42 points of dispelling).

Maximum Abilities:
Bonus of 6D to any of the 48 Standard Skills Concealed
Bonus of 6D to any of the 8 Standard Attributes (not essence) Concealed
Stand Alone of 14D in any of the 48 Standard Skills Concealed
Grant up to 60 AR Concealed or 60 AR up to Name Brand Fashion
Grant up to 60 AR Force Field Concealed
Grant up to 120 SDP Concealed
Grant up to 1,500 kmph Concealed Flight with 100 KG capacity
Grant up to 1,600 meter Concealed Teleport with 100 KG capacity
Grant up to 36 Day Concealed Life Support
Grant up to 14D AP Attack with up to Burst 10 and 1,600 meter range Concealed
Create up to 14D AP Ammo
Create up to 1,000 Cr/hour fueling
Create life support refill up to luxury quality variable types
Grant up to 30 hit/hour regeneration concealed
Grant total regrowth concealed
Create Grenade up to 6D damage, with up to 4 meter burst, and up to 26 meter range.

Genie Lamp

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