Genesis Seed


The Genesis Seed is an artifact that was brought to New Malta by Ben Wiser and acts much like a genie item. It produces only generic quality materials other than life support, but provides some spellcasting which allows certain other items of luxury quality to be made.

Magic Effect Damage is 14D Armor Piercing with 14D self targeting and 4,000 meters.
Security Value 150 Difficulty (Device varies in AR and SDP by current size, but always has total regrowth).
Value Estimated at 2,500,000 Cr

Base effect is Advanced Transmutation with many options:

Armor up to 60 AR Concealed/100 Exposed
Shields up to 60 AR Concealed/200 Exposed
Structure up to 120 SDP Concealed/1,000 exposed
Melee Damage up to 14D AP, Dual Purpose (stun or lethal)
Ranged Damage up to 35D AP/Dual Purpose/Antimagic, 5 Meter Blast, 10 Burst, 16,000 meter range (Up to 5 mountings)
Cargo Capacity up to 4,000 KG
Life Support up to 10 Days
Up to 10 seats
Up to 2 roomy living spaces
up to 1 parsec/day hyperdrive
up to 20 kilometer teleportation
up to space altitude flight
up to 1,000 kmph/10G speed
Grant Fuel transmutation to max of 3,500 Cr per hour (35,000 capacity)
Grant Ammo transmutation to max of 1,700 Cr per shot (51,000 capacity)
Grant Life Support Transmutation with luxury quality food and drink
Silence option on appropriate weaponry
Grant Simple or Advanced Morphing
Grant Water Breathing
Grant Regeneration up to 1/2 minute
Grant Regrowth or total regrowth
Grant Enhanced Pain Tolerance
Grant 101 languages
Grant Stand Alone Skill (all 48) up to 14D
Grant Attribute Bonus (all 9) up to 5D
Grant Skill Bonus (all 48) up to 6D
Grant Fatigue Resistance as Stand Alone Endurance 14D
Grant Fatigue Recovery as Regenerate Fatigue (40 minute rest/round)
Grant Invisibility as stand alone stealth 14D
Grant Non Detection as stand alone stealth 14D
Grant Perfect Memory as Stand Alone Education 14D
Grant Danger Sense as Stand Alone Awareness 14D
Grant Mind Shielding as stand alone Willpower 14D
Grant Stand Alone Illusionary Disguise 14D
Grant Mind Reading as Stand Alone Interrogation 14D with stealthy 14D to 1,000 meters
Grant up to 22 inherent spells at 14D
Grant Antimagic up to 14D in up to 5 meter radius
Grant accelerated growth up to 3 weeks/hour (72 weeks/day, or 16 months/day)


Improved Infuse Magic Spell – Difficulty: 42
5D Transformation; Single Change (no physical just gains abilities), up to Stand Alone Phantom Servant (4D), Stand Alone Breath Water (2D), Stand Alone Tongues (2D), Stand Alone Heal (5D), Stand Alone Repair (5D), Stand Alone Transmute Water To Wine (5D), Stand Alone Light (2D), Stand Alone Simple Illusion (6D), Stand Alone Flight (6D), Stand Alone Extinguish Fire (3D), Stand Alone Ignite Flame (1D), and/or Stand Alone Chill (1D), up to 20 meters.

Infuse Alternate Magic Spell – Difficulty 42
5D Transformation; Single Change (no physical just gains abilities), up to Stand Alone Umbrella (1D), Stand Alone Shape Shift Dove (3D), Stand Alone Send Thoughts (4D), Stand Alone Detoxify (4D), Stand Alone Color (4D), Stand Alone Create Food (4D), Stand Alone Teleport (7D), Stand Alone Telekinesis (4D), and/or Stand Alone Resurrection (7D), up to 20 meters.

Transmute Liquid – Difficulty 40
5D Transformation damage with Advanced Transformation, Create up to 13 liters of liquid of up to luxury quality (100 Credits/liter max).

Create Luxury Banquet – Difficulty 40
5D Transmutation damage with advanced transformation to create up to 13 meals of food and drink of luxury Quality.

Advanced Mind Snoop – Difficulty 40
12D Interrogation effect with 8D Stealth effect at 250 meters.

Advanced Thought Dance – Difficulty 42
10D Interrogation effect with 8D Stealth effect and 8D Persuasion Effect at 100 meters.

Advanced Dispel Magic – Difficulty 40
14D Magic effect damage to cancel a magic effect, 450 meters.

Post Cognition – Difficulty 40
Dimensional Effect, 1 meter radius, 20 Day range.

Advanced Detoxify – Difficulty 40
This spell causes poisons and toxins to transform into harmless particles or water, if targeted at a large body of water or gas it will effect a 3 meter radius. 6D magic effect damage with single transformation to 3 meter radius at up to 400 meters.

Remote Surveillance – Difficulty 40
Stand Alone 10D Awareness with 10D Stealth at 400 meter range

Locate Object – Difficulty 40
Shadow/Track 10D, 2 Kilometer range

True Sight – Difficulty 40
Awareness 10D and Profiling 10D to 400 meter range

Cure Disease – Difficulty 36
Special Effect Damage 10D vs Disease Strength with secondary 10D Medicine Stand Alone effect.

Decipher Magic – Difficulty 40
14D Stand Alone Profiling effect to determine the enchantments and magic abilities of the target

Detect Magic – Difficulty 40
14D Stand Alone Awareness to determine if the object or creature is under an enchantment or other magical effect.

Advanced Phantom Servant – Difficulty 40
Phantasmal Servant that will cook, clean, do laundry, fix broken items, mend clothing, or carry loads up to 100 KG for the caster. 5D grooming, 5D survival, 5D Repair, 5D Wardrobe, 100 KG capacity, 10 SDP, 20 Kmph movement, and 1 hour duration

Advanced Repair – Difficulty 40
1 hour regeneration to objects recovers 16 SDP or 1 AR and 6 SDP per casting up to 80 meters

Improved Heal – Difficulty 40
1 hour regeneration to creatures recovers 16 Hits or 1 AR and 6 Hits per casting up to 80 meters

Advanced Illusion – Difficulty 40
Concentration, 3 meter radius, Disguise 6D, Range 100 meters

Mass Flame Extinguish – Difficulty 42
5D Magic effect damage vs flame, 4 meter radius, 150 meter range

Create Luxuries – Difficulty 40
5D Transformation Effect, Luxury Quality items food or drink up to 20 SDP and 10 AR

Barrier – Difficulty 40
AR 60, SDP 120 Barrier, lasts 1 hour, 250 meter range

Genesis Seed

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