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Character Sheet

The character sheet is a record keeping form with a character’s vital information on it. Each player should have a character sheet for their character.

Character’s name

The character’s species

What the character looks, sounds, smells, acts like to an observer.

A catch phrase the character uses or that signifies their attitudes and mannerisms.

Where did the character come from or what did they do before in life.

Character Points
The current number of unspent character points the character has available. New characters begin with 1 character point and generally earn 1 per session.

The languages spoken by the character. English/Basic is free, but additional languages can be purchased for 1 character points each. Starting characters can spend skill dice (1 per extra language).

Priority chart
Shows how the characters priorities were placed when the character was first made. A human’s abilities are considered Natural Aptitude.

Money the character has, it should be noted what is carried, stored, or deposited. The income is awarded per session, but can be purchased additionally for 1 character point per income rating.

Current Damage
Hits of overall damage sustained and not healed.

Armor Rating
Any physical armor the character has on currently

Shield Rating
The AR of any shields the character has on them

Damage Chart
The chart shows the point where a character enters each wound category; a character with a toughness of 3D becomes wounded at 9 points, incapacitated at 18 points, Mortal at 27 points, and is completely dead at 36 points.

Each attribute is listed with the skills it governs. Each skill starts at the level of the attribute and is built up from that base.
The Body attribute governs physical size, power, and stamina. Skills under Body are Endurance, Intimidation, Melee, Strength, Survival, and Toughness.

The Composure attribute governs steadiness under pressure and interacting in formal social environments. Skills under Composure are Bureaucracy, Business, Etiquette, Interrogation, Streetwise, and Willpower.

Empathy governs the ability to interpret, imitate, and manipulate another’s emotions. Skills under Empathy are Acting, Gambling, Human Perception, Leadership, Persuasion, and Seduction.

Intelligence is the ability to assess, organize, and retain information. Skills under Intelligence are Awareness, Education, Science, Shadow/Track, Strategy/Tactics, and Writing.

The Movement attribute determines how far a character can move in a combat round and also governs abilities involving the movement of the body. Skills under Movement are Athletics, Dance, Dodge, Running, Stealth, and Swimming.

The Reflexes attribute governs eye hand coordination and reaction speed. Skills under Reflexes are Drive, Firearms, Gunnery, Initiative, Pilot, and Throwing.

Style is the ability to understand and apply visually artistic abilities or imitate a look. Skills under Style are Art, Disguise, Grooming, Music, Photo/Film, and Wardrobe.

The Technical attribute governs understanding, applying, and designing complex items. Skills under Technical are Electronics, Engineering, Medicine, Programming, Repair, and Security.

The Essence attribute is used to develop spells, there is no limit to how many can be learned.

Base Dice
The value of the attribute or skill without any bonus dice from race, advantage, cybernetics, magic, equipment, or other sources.

Each skill has a place to list bonuses, these can com from species, equipment, drugs, magic, or cybernetics.

Total Dice
How many dice a character rolls for a particular skill or attribute including any bonus to the rolls.

Weapon Listings
There are blocks to list 4 weapons with space for the standard stats and one extra line for notes.

Robot/Vehicle Listings
There are blocks to list 2 robots or vehicles with space for the standard stats and a few extra lines for weapons and notes.

Extra Lines
The last section is left blank to list anything else the player wants.

Character Sheets

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