Zeroes - Ben Wiser


Ben is from off planet. He arrived in New Malta with the Genesis Seed and settled in to hide out. He is able to use the device to make quick escapes most of the time as only the most powerful antimagic effects will stop the devices magic constructs.

Name: Ben Wiser

Species: Human

Languages: English (100 extra languages; Eseron, Etiwan, Eulba, Logoman, Norgradian, Tinagian, Erishan, Drazin, Scrovian, Nowokan, Navillan, Lutanian, Relobian, Goran, Leyan, Sinet, Nevesan, Nemar, Valencian, Dolbok, Edipian, Emongan, Rolatian, Nevean, Reyal, Rawdian, Bognian, Abaran, Shishan, Nosmirin, Murau, Ieyasani, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Latin, Russian, Korean, Hindustani, Arabic, Portuguese, Turkic, Malay, Indonesian, Persian, Pashto, Kurdish, Balochi, Parthian, Avestan, Swahili, Tamil, Dutch, Afrikaans, Hebrew, Hindi, Bengali, Filipino, Urdu, Javanese, Wu, Marathi, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Kannada, Albanian, Amharic, Armenian, Aymara, Czech, Bulgarian, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Icelandic, Irish, Japanese, Lao, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish, Maltese, Romanian, Mongolian, Nepali, Polish, Quechua, Romansh, Swedish, Thai, Cherokee, Navaho, Apache, and 5 forms of sign language).

Attributes: 3 (33)
Skills: 3 (48/5)
Assets: 2 (100,000)
Species: 0 (12/2)
Advantages: 2 (Contacts, Special Item)

Damage Levels
Wounded: 9
Incapacitated: 18
Mortal: 27
Dead: 36
Arcane Structure: 120/240

Credits Carried: 2,950
Credits Stashed: 20,000
Bank Accounts: 15,000

Income: 2,000 Cr/Month

Attribute/Skill Base Dice Bonuses Total Dice
Body 3D 5D 6D
Endurance 3D 11D 6D (14D)
Intimidation 3D 11D 6D
Melee 3D 11D 6D
Strength 3D 11D 6D
Survival 3D 11D 6D
Toughness 3D 11D 6D
Composure 5D 5D 10D
Bureaucracy 5D 13D 10D
Business 5D 11D 10D
Etiquette 9D 15D 18D
Interrogation 5D 11D 10D
Streetwise 5D 13D 10D
Willpower 9D 13D 18D
Empathy 5D 5D 10D
Acting 5D 11D 10D
Gambling 5D 11D 10D
Leadership 5D 11D 10D
Persuasion 10D 15D 20D
Profiling 5D 11D 10D
Seduction 10D 13D 20D
Intelligence 3D 5D 6D
Awareness 3D 11D 6D (14D)
Education 3D 11D 6D (14D)
Science 3D 11D 6D
Shadow/Track 3D 11D 6D
Strategy/Tactics 3D 11D 6D
Writing 3D 11D 6D
Movement 3D 5D 6D
Athletics 3D 11D 6D
Dance 8D 11D 16D
Dodge 3D 11D 6D
Running 3D 11D 6D
Stealth 3D 11D 6D
Swimming 3D 11D 6D
Reflexes 5D 5D 10D
Drive 10D 11D 20D
Firearms 10D 11D 20D
Gunnery 5D 11D 10D
Initiative 10D 11D 20D
Pilot 5D 11D 10D
Throwing 5D 11D 10D
Style 5D 5D 10D
Art 10D 11D 20D
Disguise 5D 11D 10D
Grooming 5D 13D 10D
Music 10D 13D 20D
Photo/Film 5D 11D 10D
Wardrobe 10D 15D 20D
Technical 3D 5D 6D
Electronics 3D 11D 6D
Engineering 3D 11D 6D
Medicine 3D 11D 6D
Programming 3D 11D 6D
Repair 3D 11D 6D
Security 3D 11D 6D
Essence 1D 5D 2D

2D bonus to Bureaucracy, Etiquette, Streetwise, Persuasion, Grooming, and Wardrobe

Natural Aptitude in Seduction (2D), Persuasion (2D), Music (2D), Wardrobe (2D), Etiquette (2D), and Willpower (2D)

Genesis Seed: 2,500,000 Cr

Nikki: 3,750 Cr

Faith: 41,200 Cr

Armani Suit: 2,000
M-36 Guass Pistol: 3,500
2 Guass Pistol Clips: 780
Elite Tuxedo: 8,820
Survival Kit: 2,000

Genesis Effects
Genesis Seed

Spells granted at 14D

Improved Infuse Magic Spell – Difficulty: 42
5D Transformation; Single Change (no physical just gains abilities), up to Stand Alone Phantom Servant (4D), Stand Alone Breath Water (2D), Stand Alone Tongues (2D), Stand Alone Heal (5D), Stand Alone Repair (5D), Stand Alone Transmute Water To Wine (5D), Stand Alone Light (2D), Stand Alone Simple Illusion (6D), Stand Alone Flight (6D), Stand Alone Extinguish Fire (3D), Stand Alone Ignite Flame (1D), and/or Stand Alone Chill (1D), up to 20 meters.

Infuse Alternate Magic Spell – Difficulty 42
5D Transformation; Single Change (no physical just gains abilities), up to Stand Alone Umbrella (1D), Stand Alone Shape Shift Dove (3D), Stand Alone Send Thoughts (4D), Stand Alone Detoxify (4D), Stand Alone Color (4D), Stand Alone Create Food (4D), Stand Alone Teleport (7D), Stand Alone Telekinesis (4D), and/or Stand Alone Resurrection (7D), up to 20 meters.

Transmute Liquid – Difficulty 40
5D Transformation damage with Advanced Transformation, Create up to 13 liters of liquid of up to luxury quality (100 Credits/liter max).

Create Luxury Banquet – Difficulty 40
5D Transmutation damage with advanced transformation to create up to 13 meals of food and drink of luxury Quality.

Advanced Mind Snoop – Difficulty 40
12D Interrogation effect with 8D Stealth effect at 250 meters.

Advanced Thought Dance – Difficulty 42
10D Interrogation effect with 8D Stealth effect and 8D Persuasion Effect at 100 meters.

Advanced Dispel Magic – Difficulty 40
14D Magic effect damage to cancel a magic effect, 450 meters.

Post Cognition – Difficulty 40
Dimensional Effect, 1 meter radius, 20 Day range.

Advanced Detoxify – Difficulty 40
This spell causes poisons and toxins to transform into harmless particles or water, if targeted at a large body of water or gas it will effect a 3 meter radius. 6D magic effect damage with single transformation to 3 meter radius at up to 400 meters.

Remote Surveillance – Difficulty 40
Stand Alone 10D Awareness with 10D Stealth at 400 meter range

Locate Object – Difficulty 40
Shadow/Track 10D, 2 Kilometer range

True Sight – Difficulty 40
Awareness 10D and Profiling 10D to 400 meter range

Cure Disease – Difficulty 36
Special Effect Damage 10D vs Disease Strength with secondary 10D Medicine Stand Alone effect.

Decipher Magic – Difficulty 40
14D Stand Alone Profiling effect to determine the enchantments and magic abilities of the target

Detect Magic – Difficulty 40
14D Stand Alone Awareness to determine if the object or creature is under an enchantment or other magical effect.

Advanced Phantom Servant – Difficulty 40
Phantasmal Servant that will cook, clean, do laundry, fix broken items, mend clothing, or carry loads up to 100 KG for the caster. 5D grooming, 5D survival, 5D Repair, 5D Wardrobe, 100 KG capacity, 10 SDP, 20 Kmph movement, and 1 hour duration

Advanced Repair – Difficulty 40
1 hour regeneration to objects recovers 16 SDP or 1 AR and 6 SDP per casting up to 80 meters

Improved Heal – Difficulty 40
1 hour regeneration to creatures recovers 16 Hits or 1 AR and 6 Hits per casting up to 80 meters

Advanced Illusion – Difficulty 40
Concentration, 3 meter radius, Disguise 6D, Range 100 meters

Mass Flame Extinguish – Difficulty 42
5D Magic effect damage vs flame, 4 meter radius, 150 meter range

Create Luxuries – Difficulty 40
5D Transformation Effect, Luxury Quality items food or drink up to 20 SDP and 10 AR

Barrier – Difficulty 40
AR 60, SDP 120 Barrier, lasts 1 hour, 250 meter range

Zeroes - Ben Wiser

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