Richard O'Malley

A big jacked up chevy truck which often sports a rebel flag is generally the first sign Richard “Big Dick” O’Malley is on the scene.

A tough mix of redneck and Irishman with a bit of drunkenness thrown into the mix means he won’t back down from a fight, even if he should.

He looks more innocent in his alternate form.

Richard O’Malley is an Etiwan who is considered the best tracker in Maltese, although most would drop a few ranks of quality to escape his extremely uncouth ways. O’Malley is drunken, loudmouthed, crude, tends to be flatulent and constantly spits chew wherever he goes. He is quick to violence when he feels insulted and has no style or taste. When the absolute best tracker is a must there are still people willing to turn to him.

Richard O'Malley

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