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Relobians are cruel masterminds who enjoy manipulating and controlling others. They have spherical bodies with ten small eyes on stalks as well as a large central eye which in addition to making them look frightening is linked to their powerful magic abilities.

Features Value
10 Spell Eyes each 11D stand alone spell 50
Flight 100 Kmph with no Cargo 2
6D Bonus to Awareness 6
Natural Armor 20 AR 2

Minimum Priority: 4 (60/6)

Natural Spells tend to be attack spells that target with the firearms skill.

Death Beam; 7D Armor Piercing with 400 meter range; Dif 30

FireStorm; 4D Damage to 3 meter radius with 100 meter range; Dif 30

Dominate; 10D stand alone persuasion to 400 meters range; Dif 22

Sleep: 10D Armor Piercing Stun Only to 300 meters; Dif 30

Petrification; 6D Armor Piercing magic transformation Advanced Morph to 20 SP stone at 100 meters; Dif 34

Teleport; Teleport 200 KG up to 500 meters at 500 meters range; Dif 30

Telekinesis; 800 KG flight at 50 Kmph up to 50 meters high to 200 meters away; Dif 30

Pulse Blast: 5D Armor Piercing Burst Value 6 with 300 meter range; Dif 30

Restrain: 25 SP Force bubble, 1 hour, 500 meters; Dif 30

Plague: Lose 1 hit/hour for 24 hours to 100 meters; Dif 31 (reverse regeneration)


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