The Oasis is a nightclub or bar in Norgrad near the beach. The place is usually dark and smoky with the feel of one of the classy nightspots from the movies like Cassablanca. The music varies from jazz and blues to big band and swing or classic rock depending on the performers and the owner’s mood.

The owner is Joplin, a woman who loves classic rock but has a taste for a wide variety of music and knows some talent scouts so she can help out a performer she feels has some real potential.

The primary bouncer is Marakau who is a displaced samurai that while no longer in Murau or even in contact with his family still has considerable skills.

The main bartender is Cassandra who had some magic and performing talents, but settled in as a bartended and can entertain the customers with some illusions and fancy drink mixing.

One of the steady waitresses is Veronica who lives with Cassandra.

Another regular is the singer Diana who often dresses in a high cut red dress like Jessica Rabbit.


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