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The city is made up of several areas or districts usually controlled by a nation, race, or affiliation.

1: Eseron
Eseron are a human like species who manifest elemental powers. Away from the main streets Eseron tend to build in ways that surround them with the element they are most comfortable with whether it be earth and stone walls, gas fueled fire, ponds and fountains, or wind channeling towers it is usually easy to tell what element an Eseron is comfortable with. The embassy of New Seoul is in Eseron District.

2: Etiwa
Etiwans are human like but have the ability to turn into animal like forms. Native Etiwans only turn into an animal form, but genetic experiments have yielded new varients that turn into hybrids as well. Away from the main streets most Etiwans prefer log cabins and cliff-side dwellings depending on whether their alternate form can fly or not. The embassy of New Tirana is located in the Etiwa district.

3: Eulba
Eulbans are a hard shelled humanoid species that are known for great toughness if little else. Apart from the main streets Eulba looks much like any other modern city as most Eulbans live underground or in caves, although some residents fear they come up secretly into buildings and take the residents away for food. The embassy of New Tibet is located in the Eulba district.

4: Logoma
Logomans are nearly human, but proud of their heritage as non-magicians. Logomans are resistant to magic, but cannot learn to use it and have centered much of their culture around a powerful magic intolerance. Away from the main streets Logoma is highly industrialized as they see technology as their great equalizer in the war on magic. The Logoma district houses the embassy to New Chicago.

5: Norgrad
Norgradians are dragon like humanoids regarded as ferocious warriors who long ago controled armies of dragon riders. Architecture away from the main streets tends to look gothic with many perches and balconies for the Norgradians and large enough to accommodate a dragon if the owner is wealthy enough. Norgrad is known to hold the headquarters of the Gold Dragon Triad crime syndicate. Norgrad is also home to the headquarters of the Wartech Corporation. The former New Shanghai embassy in Norgrad district was been turned into a memorial after the war.

6: Tinagia
Tinagians are huge humanoids with a strong feel for architecture and steel work. Kingpin is a Tinagian who has reached a great deal of influence in Maltese crime. Away from the main streets the structures of Tinagia tend to be palatial in addition to being to the scale of their occupants. Those who can’t afford to live in that style tend to live in cave dwellings they constantly work to improve. New Vienna has an embassy in the Tinagia district.

7: Erisha
Erishan are little folk and their interest in transitional styles has caused their district to be the home of Victorian and Steampunk Styles. It is considered second only to Valence for for art and may even surpass Valence in style for the wealthy elite. Erisha hosts the embassy of New London.

8: Drazin
Drazin are lizard like humanoids and away from the main streets tend to have a mix of flat roofed stucco and greenhouses to take advantage of ambient heat. Drazin has the embassy to New Phoenix.

9: Scrovia
Scrovians are brutal humanoids who obsess over dominance through violence. Away from the main streets the areas tend to be run down with an excess of bars and gladiatorial sports arenas. The Scrovia district has the embassy to New Lago.

10: Nowok
Nowokans are burly folk who tend to be hairy and somewhat beastial by nature. They make good manual laborers, but with the prevalence of robots most are just thugs now. Their structures tend to be simple and are often run down and dirty. Nowok houses the embassy of New Quebec.

11: Navilla
Navillans are nature folk and away from the main streets the areas tend to look wild with magically altered trees and plants providing the most house like structures. Most Navillans spend their time outdoors in meadows, forests, and streams. The embassy of New Babylon is located in the Navilla District.

12: Lutania
Lutanians are a six limbed species with four legs on long lower torso and two arms on an upright humanoid torso. Away from the main streets the structures in Lutania tend to be large and flat or easily accessed by ramps. Centaurs and other species of similar build tend to congregate in the district because it makes it easier for them to move about. The embassy for New Austin is in the Lutania district.

13: Relobia
Relobians are cruel masterminds who enjoy manipulating and controlling others. They have spherical bodies with ten small eyes on stalks as well as a large central eye which in addition to making them look frightening is linked to their powerful magic abilties. Relobia tend to have tall round towers with central shafts so they can see the entire level from the central shaft. Because of their architectural tastes this is the second favorite district of the 501st although many fear the Relobians who occupy the district. Relobia is also believed to be the home of the shadowy syndicate known as The Market. New Manila has an embassy in the Relobia district.

14: Goran
Goran are tall brutish thugs with slimy skin and vicious teeth which coupled with their ability to regenerate makes them very frightening to most. Away from the main roads Goran architecture has a simple modern look, but most areas look unkempt and tend to be wet and slightly overgrown. The embassy for New Bogota is in this district.

15: Leya
Leyans are a mystical people with a connection to nature and away from the main roads the landscape is quickly taken over by massive trees with homes magically sculpted into them. The embassy for New Paris is in this district.

16: Sinet
Sinet are a magical people and rely heavily on spellcasting abilities. The areas of sinet even on the main strip tend to look magical with illusions and levitating items or buildings, often with a medieval European look mixed in with the modern looks. Sinet is home to the Magitech Corporation. The embassy for new Bangkok is located in this district.

17: Neves
Nevesan are somewhat bestial humanoids reminiscent of lions and are regarded as great hunters and trackers. They tend to make their way into law enforcement and bounty hunter work so many security suppliers such as Defense Systems East are based in the district. Neves is also home to many of the emancipated humanoid animal hybrids as they see the Nevesans as more like kindred than humans. The embassy for New Jakarta is located in this district.

18: Nemar
Nemar are fiendish and brutal at times, but most often take pleasure in tempting others into doing things that are very bad for minimal gain. Nemar is home to many corporations and banks and keeps the modern look away from the main streets, although hidden within the gleaming buildings a lot of corruption may lurk. The deadliest form of the corruption is known as The Division and is a crime syndicate made up of corrupt officials from various corporations. The embassy for New Rio is located in this district.

19: Valence
The Valencians are a regal and attractive folk of artists and their district is made up of art studios, restaurants, canals, ponds, parks and other attractions that bring in the romantic and artistic minded. Valence is often compared to taking the best of France and Italy and mixing it together. Valence is the home of the Salvatore mafia and Sterling Luxuries. The embassy for New Venice is located in this district.

20: Dolbok
Dolboks are humanoid reptilians who are renown for their trap designs and concealed weapons. Beyond the main streets the areas are cluttered and the buildings tend to be thick adobe with rough window openings. Dolbok culture is often compared to that of Mexican street gangs. The embassy for New Cancun is located in this district.

21: Edipia
Edipians are a dark spider like species that has a hard time not seeing other sentients as food. Away from the main streets the district gets dark with web-like walkways that cross over the streets and ally-ways creating a maze to those not familiar with it. The embassy for New Karachi is located here.

22: Emonga
Emongan are small folk with a talent for engineering and crafting, but are also the home of most of The 501st’s factories making much of the architecture and traffic look like something out of the Star Wars movies and fandom. Gangs of Jedi and Sith clash on the street with lightsabers while corporate guards in Stormtrooper armor keep the peace. The embassy for New Los Angeles is located in this district.

23: Rolatia
Rolatians were alchemists from early on and have embraced cybernetics more than most. Away from the main streets the tall glass towers continue, but look more industrial and gangs of mechanical thugs clash in the streets. One of the major spaceports, Renault, is located in the district. An ancient group of alchemists in the district formed a crime syndicate called The Bureau. The Cybertronics Corporation Headquarters is in Rolatia as is the Oracle headquarters. The embassy for New Seattle is located in this district.

24: Nevea
Neveans are a dignified race of winged folk who concern themselves with healing and protecting the weak. Away from the main streets their dwellings tend to be open with lots of gardens and fountains in and around the Greek styled structures. Nevea is home to the headquarters for Eve medical corporation. The embassy for New Buenos Aires is located here.

25: Reyal
Reyals are mind dominators and enslavers who enjoy eating the brains of other sentient species, but within Maltese they’ve put aside those practices. If you believe the previous statement you might be foolish enough to travel beyond the main roads to the dark windowless towers the Reyals reside in. Powerful Reyal wizards and mind masters are believed to head a syndicate called The Cabal. The embassy for New Delhi is located here.

26: Rawdia
Rawdians are another hearty and industrious folk who enjoy a hard days work and a tall glass of ale. Beyong the main streets of modern life the homes tend to be two to five story buildings made of stone block construction and things have a bit of a Bavarian feel. The Embassy for New Hamburg is in this district.

27: Carnival
There aren’t any native carnival nationals, but it is a large district that services every type of entertainment and vice imaginable. The main thoroughfares are wide and brightly lit with holographic ads for the various service floating all around. Deeper into the back roads the vices get nastier and the streets get more dangerous giving a thrill to those from the outside. The district is also home to a crime syndicate also known as The Carnival. The Deloitte market neighborhood is located in The Carnival District.

28: Bognia
Bognians are small but ruthless beings who like traps and elaborate schemes. The district has an old behind the iron curtain feel with constant espionage and the threat of secret police and the Bognian mafia called The Labyrinth which is lead by a mob boss called The Goblin King. The embassy for New Moscow is in this district.

29: Abara
Abaran are regal desert folk who resemble serpents with a humanoid upper torso between a snake like head and lower torso/tail. They were very nomadic, but have adopted architecture much like that of the ancient Turks in their cities. Abaran of affluence are fond of flying carpets. A group of assassins joined forces in the district to form a criminal syndicate called Sicarii. The embassy for New Istanbul is in this district.

30: Shishan
Shishan are winged folk who look like humanoid versions of hunting birds and prefer relatively open terraces on tall towers. The embassy for New Dhaka is in this district.

31: Nosmir
Nosmirin are slow but industrious building grand structures into the mountains and cliffs. Castles jutting from the sides of mountains are a common sight in the district. The embassy for New Beijing is in this district.

32: Murau
Murau are traditionalists in many ways and the modern streets and towers give way to dojos and open markets with samurai and ninja gangs. Murau also has their own Yakuza crime syndicate. The Embassy of New Tokyo is located in this district.

33: Ieyasan
Ieyasani are hearty desert dwellers and off the main path of glass towers the district has wide dusty streets where one might meet with religious suicide bombers or gunfighters. The embassy of New Cairo is located here also.

The western waters are home to the Albinqua nations.

The eastern waters are home to the Balinqua Nations

Counsel City
Counsel City is a levitating structure that floats over the Maltese Lake. Transport to and from the city is by air or transporter and the traffic is heavily monitored. The headquarters of the UN Colonial services office, the colonial defense, UN security forces, UN diplomatic corps, Metro police, and the Maltese Metropolitan Counsel are all located in Counsel City.

Maltese Districts

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