Adventure Awards

Character Points

Character Points are one of the primary character awards. Character points can be used to gain additional money, Improve Base Skills, boost a specific important roll, or save a character from certain death. Characters begin with 1 character point and usually receive 1 additional character point per session, if characters perform exceptionally then the GM may award a second character point in the session.

If a character point is traded for funding then the character gains 10,000 Credits. If used to improve a base skill the number of character points needed is equal to the current rating of the skill which then improves the skill to the next die rating (3D cost 3 character points to raise to 4D). If a character point is used to increase a single roll it adds a number of dice equal to the base skill to the roll being made (with 4D skill and 3D bonus a roll is 7D, spending a character point would add 4D for a total of 11D). Finally a character point can be used to save a character from certain death, the specifics are up to the GM and can vary by situation but often manifests as a lucky incident.


Monetary rewards are another way to reward characters. Characters gain monthly income based on asset and lifestyle choice when making the character, and may trade character points for additional funding. A Game Master has the option to give extra money or equipment awards as bonuses or incentives in the game. Basing adventures on monetary rewards is often not a good tactic, so it is generally better to use an organization or faction as a spur for adventure.


Although they don’t impact dice rolls awards and accolades can be used as awards in roleplaying taking the form of medals, promotions, or even alliances. These awards shouldn’t give or take the place of Factions or assets as characters who spent priorities on those shouldn’t lose out by having those granted to other characters.

Adventure Awards

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