Leydyn Mollani

White hair, scars from rough life in police force.


Warmaster Cyberbody
SDP: 120
AR: 60
Shields: 60

Income: 5,000
Money: 5476
Bank Account: 330000

Body: 4D
- Intimidation 8D
- Melee 8D
- Strength 9D

Movement: 5D
- Dance 7D
- Dodge 11D
- Stealth 10/11D

Composure: 5D
- Etiquette 7D
- Interrogation 10/14D
- Streetwise 13/14D
- Willpower 17D

Reflexes: 5D + 3D
- Drive 8D
- Firearms 8D
- Initiative 18/21D

Empathy: 3D
- Persuasion 13D
- Profiling 13D

Style: 2D
- Art 4D

Intelligence: 5D
- Awareness 18/20D
- Shadow / Track 10/11D

Technical: 5D
- Electronics 10/11D
- Programming 18D
- Security 18/21D

Essence: 2D

Infotech pro style laptop 2kg (SDP 20, AR, 10, Shields 10)
Secutiry (to break in) DC: 100
Programming 3D
Security 3D
Essence 4D

Spell Bonus Typical DC
Create Food 4D DC 12
Heal 6D DC 12
Recharge 6D DC 12
Repair 6D DC 12
Tongues 2D DC 2
Teleport 14D DC 25 + 1 / 100 meters or 10 kg
Dispel Magic 4D DC 7
Send Thoughts 10D DC 10
(10D)Seeker Missile 10D DC 22
(4D)Seeker Missile 6D DC 13
(10D)Mind probe 10D DC 19
(14D)Mind Snoop 10D DC 26
(10D) Hold 10D DC 19
(14D) Invisibility 14D DC 20
(8D) StunBlast (3 meter blast) 14D DC 35
(14D) Penetrating Missile 14D DC 24

Warmaster Cyberbody
Wartech M-36
InfoTech Personal Scanner
Speedware Initiative Booster (6D Initiative)
Reactiveware Dodge Booster (6D Dodge)
Hackerware (6D programming ,6D Security, 6D Electronics)
Mind Protection Booster (6D Willpower)
Stealthware Booster (6D Stealth/ Shadow)
Diplomacy Booster (6D Persuasion / Interrogation / Profiling / Streetwise)

To Add:
Police Booster (6D Driving / Firearms)


Leyan born – takes cabs or hitches ride with friends or teleports,
- Computer Laptop, Gauss Pistol, Fancy Suit.
Primary role: Hacker / Investigator / Security Specialist—

Quote: "Resistance is Futile, just give your self up. "
Leydyn is the son of the upper middle class family. He showed an aptitude for computers and magic. His lawful – good nature made him lead to criminal justice. He joined the police force as a code breaker and cyber assistant when he was about 100 years old.

When he was working for the force, he was injured badly. He was saved be cyber tech and has had multiple implants since then.

Leydyn Mollani

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