Maltese RPG

Session 1

Into the Carnival

The Team was contacted by an Oracle Handler Joe Giovanni for a job in the Carnival District. Deloitte neighborhood has the Kitty Cat Club which was the focus of the investigation.

Mace Winston is a young genetic engineer who went to the Kitty Cat Club for recreation and became smitten with an anthropomorphic tiger named Vickie. Deciding he wanted to whisk away the young maiden he collected some of her DNA and made a retrovirus neutralizer to confirm her feelings were truly the same for him. Under the influence of the neutralizer Vickie said she remembered being a human before. Unable to safely extract Vickie on his own Mace went to the police, but they couldn’t find any signs of her. Mace then turned to Oracle.

The team gathered some basic information finding Joe used to be U.N. special forces from the Scrovian conflict with the Vulcarth. They learned Mace was a junior engineer on a U.N. supersoldier project for Biotech. The Kitty Cat Club belonged to Selena Marin who is a 70 year old Logoman.

Going into investigate the team gained information from various sources. None of the other dancers remembered Vickie. Selena frequented the Pink Flamingo Casino, she lived at the Golden Crown Hotel, and she often went to the Scarecrow Salon. Metal Storm was the strongest gang in the area. Further digging revealed Selena had about 50,000 credits in income and expenditures each month and the club was the same and had been steady for around 17 years.

On the second day the team figured out that the other girls at the club had a similar memory blocking, sex addiction factor. They then split up sending teams to the strip club, hotel, salon, and casino. The Casino team observed Selena spending several thousand credits at the craps table before leaving again. The Strip Club team observed several buses coming and going in the area with some strippers arriving and leaving on them. The Salon team learned some people had vanished there, but one of the salon team members also disappeared. The Hotel team ran afoul of some guards, but found some data-chips and managed to escape with them.



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