Maltese RPG

Session 4

Into The Anthill

Sage and Rush stopped to repair the Utility Vehicle. Vi and Ley stopped to help. Shana had her dragon veer off with Raven and Kessia to meet with the Scrovian chieftain.

Sage and Rush avoided some Vulcarth ground cycles and Sage hit a anti-personnel mine which caused a bump in the drive. The ground cycles are a relatively new invention for the Vulcarth and weren’t used in the war (100 SDP, 50 AR, 300 kmph, single cannon 20D AP, 1 km range, 20 blasts).

Two Vulcarth were burying a land mine in the road and an underground missile headed toward Vi’s VTOL. Five battle wheels flew past. Vi stealthed but was hit by a ship that didn’t see them. Sage hid in the smoke. They gained altitude to avoid the battle wheel fire. Sage and Rush teleported into the VTOL and headed to Scrovia. (Missile was a medium: 50D AP, the Battle wheels are the heavy enforcer ships of the vulvarth with a crew of fifteen, thirteen of which are gunners; 12 of the guns are 30D AP beam cannons with a 2 km range and the main weapon varies but is normally a 100D with a 5 km range that may be area effect or AP. Battle wheels have 1,000 SDP and 500 AR with a top speed of 500 kmph).

The girls had requested a meeting with the chieftain, but the Scrovians separated them and started moving them towards different areas: Raven towards the barracks/prisons, Kessia toward the work room/kitchen and Shana toward the chieftain. Shana called her dragon and provided coordinates for teleportation. Kessia’s attempt to intimidate worked, too well. More Scrovians filtered in. As soon as the dragon appeared, Raven and Kessia made a dash to Shana and the dragon. The only Scrovian that had remained stationary motioned the others to stand down. Then he escorted the girls to the chieftain. They managed to get directions and DNA and turned down a dinner invitation. Dinner was three roasted Vulcarth as the tribes in the war torn area of Scrovia have reverted to many primitive practices including cannibalism.

As they left, they saw the other members of their group and made arrangements to head out. Upon arriving at the location, the dragon hid and Vi flew pairs to check out the eight entrances. At the first checkpoint, they figured out which entrance had been entered by the prince. They stealthed in but ended up facing Vulcarth troops. After teleporting past the first group, more headed their way. In the ensuing battle, a tunnel was caved in and Scrovians entered the tunnel. (The vulcarth they face were relatively young troops and had no effective armor – AR 5, but wielded Halberds proficiently – 10D AP damage)

Allowing the Scrovians to delve in deeper, they took the first right and stealthed to the large room where the prince was being kept. Rush teleported to the prince grabbed him and teleported back to the group. The decision to depart immediately was made and he teleported the prince to the VTOL. Ley teleported Kessia to the dragon. Raven flew out to the dragon. Rush teleported to the entrance in order to lay down cover fire. Shana threw a grenade to cause a cave-in and block the troops from the big room from following them. (They avoided combat with the more seasoned troops guarding the slave pit, the soldiers were still using halberds and had light armor AR: 20, the officers had the same light armor but had swords – 6D AP, and Laser tubes – 6D AP, 100 meter range).

Then Sage and Shana ran to the entrance, avoiding contact with the troops they passed by. Rush teleported Sage to the VTOL and Shana to her dragon. Then the group headed back to Scrovia in order to return the prince to the chieftain. Rush went in to negotiate the reward excusing it as the cover was as mercenaries. (two of the gems were a Scrovian life crystals which are banned from trade but can be worth up to 5,000 credits, the syndicates are the only reliable buyers for a private seller and will only pay a tenth of that.)

Everyone else headed back to Maltese. Upon returning, they made repairs and upgrades.

Session award was 5 character points as a bonus for all the complications.



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