Maltese RPG

Session 3

Reboot (Scrovian Line)

Richard O’Malley appointed a covert crew to stop an impending war. They needed to stop raiders and rescue the Scrovian prince from the “Buzzards” aka Vulcarth.

After discussing offered equipment, the group took all of the standard issue gear and 2 utility trucks. Sage drove one truck with Rush on firearm duty. Dick drove the second truck with Zeus on firearm duty. Vi drove her VTOL with Leydyn as passenger. Lyshana rode her dragon.

Vi decided to scout ahead about 200km. Lyshana flew over the two trucks, which were travelling at 200km/h.

Neves Police pulled the convoy over and sage explained that we were mercenaries headed to Drazian.

In Scrovia Dick almost hit a guy in a gilly suit who had been pissing on the side of the road. He honked his horn, startling the Scrovian. As they drove through, it became apparent that the 10 Scrovians had been planning an ambush. Sage rammed into a Scrovian and dented his truck. Then the group noticed 23 MTB tanks and 3 skrims flying in. Rush managed to shoot down skrim fighters, a tank shot down one, and then more fighters flew in. All but 3 UN planes were shot down. Lyshana had her dragon light brush on fire between the tanks and her group. Sage drove into a ditch to avoid the tanks’ line of sight. This made Rush wish to switch trucks, again. Dick wanted a different gunner, since Zeus had trouble shooting down any apparent hostiles. Rush shot down the Scorpion.

Zeus called to let Vi and Leyden know that the group had been involved in the fighting that they had managed to avoid due to the VTOL’s invisibility. Lyshana realized that the MTB tanks were UN, although they were unaware of our connection due to the covert nature of our mission. Zeus decided to shoot at the downed Scorpion past the tanks. He managed to blow it up without hitting the UN tanks.

The Sokowi village is 1,000 km from Maltese. The utility trucks will take about seven hours getting there as the roads aren’t perfectly straight. We had made it through 5 hours of the trip at the end of last session. The Death Star was climbing out to orbit and moving into position over Sokowi which will take it 15 hours to complete.



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