Maltese RPG

Session 2

Bozos and Beheadings

The group found their missing member and extracted her from an underground lab and then managed to track Vickie to The Puss ’N Boots, but found her outside converted into a Bozo. As the group began to taunt the Bozos one member noticed there were many more Bozos and they had various preset traps and a clown converted dragon on nearby roofs.

After bringing Mace in the group started a small clown riot and then fled the area. After some down time they were called in on a more grim matter.

In Rolatia District, Andorra neighborhood, a police officer was beheaded and attempts to bring him back failed. It was established that there had been three other victims who had died in similar fashion and that the officer had been investigating the other deaths.

The first victim was an accountant and some determined digging turned up that he had an assumed identity and had several money laundering accounts. Deciding the money laundering and the deaths were linked to chip implants the characters staked out the homes of other implant recipients and then one of the Spotters heard a scream and the team came to the location where a firefight broke out.



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